General Transit Safety Data & Off Road Accessories
More Folks Died In Cars Than All The Wars In History Combined
General Transit ofers an extensive amount of Data on all years and makes of all cars for restoration,a ordering process,safety data on many new issues little known such as the simplest preventions to assure better chances of no accidents.Our X Rd Filer Fan Club is optional ,offers alot of off road experiences that like the X files,yet these are the real deals.Some interesting things to make practicing at an earlier age all the more fun as we should learn earlier the imortance of always knowing lertness and there is no second chance on the unforgiving highway.Wont you give your loved ones an extra chance as this geetting a good response.Read on
The Main Attraction and real fun mysteries to share with friends
General Transit has unique ways to give so many facts and figures,that we had to come up with a way to make things easy to remember an share.Lots of fun to mystify your friends in your area.(Most states have been included with well known events reoccurring ).Many new world subjects that are touched on, are being teached in many colleges.The time has come to reasure our selves we have taken more steps due to safely saying we care for our loved ones and so much could be prevented .Only 3% are mechanical and the rest are preventable mostly.Be amazed atr the ways we can save so many things that contribute to chancing an accident.
The Prevention is always the best appreciated medicine
The best appreciated medicine is always the prevention that is noticed saving havac,and loss.The real memories some of us have are horrifying .When you see just one accident ,you will remember this offer when its to late,just as all safety is ,the hardest thing to sell.The only thing we charge is the postage ($1.99)The driving 3.5 million miles and repairs etc. are off to our own experience designing parts to enhance better handling improvments on many vehicles.That are soon available.Our address is ; PO Box 488,Mt.Kisco,NY,10549.Membership for X Rd Filer Fan club is available on request ,the 117 vol's are very interesting reading and real life experiences ,(just call any good psychic and check)We assist missing persons in past such as Vietnam POW MIA's.That stayed with us untill now we know over 500 families now know after yrs of waiting for any truth of thier loved ones status.We hope the things we were involved with all these ways are enough to attract some reaction to se if its this easy for us to get these issues going more how hard can it be to insure your thinking safer all the time you drive with nothing to chance.Feel more confident and be your own hero.Professional Drivers Everywhere Thankyou Kindly . Sincerely 1digital (bryan)
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